The Very Organized Thief 1.1.5

Are you the best burglar?

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    Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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    8.8 (4)

At first glance, The Very Organized Thief appears to be nothing more than a hidden object game; however, this title quickly reveals itself as an innovative stealth-based survival game.

The Very Organized Thief has a fun premise that puts players in the role of a criminal. The starring antihero routinely breaks into houses with a highly specific laundry list of items to steal. While collecting random possessions, you must constantly be on guard for the homeowners. The ability to hide with only a moment's notice will determine your success or failure.

The main challenge may involve meticulously searching for certain belongings to snatch, but this aspect almost feels secondary compared to the FNAF game-play mechanics. The interactive environment provides plenty of nooks and crannies that can conceal your presence instantaneously. A victorious heist depends on your capability to disappear into your surroundings and become undetectable. If the homeowners find you, it's game over!

The entire house can be taken apart in approximately 30 minutes. Still, the game is loaded with replay value, especially because the arrangement changes every single time you play. Additionally, the list of items is different in each iteration, and the randomization definitely keeps the game interesting. The timing of the homeowners is secretly predetermined and completely unpredictable. Burglary has never been this captivating!

The polygonal graphics have a retro appeal that is most likely unintentional, and the old-school presentation feels like a throwback to the 90s. Still, the visuals may seem ancient to those who are accustomed to today's era of high-definition gaming. The displays are certainly lacking, and the menus are somewhat uninspired. Ironically, The Very Organized Thief is not very organized either; fortunately, there isn't too much to navigate. There are only a few settings that can be adjusted, so the lack of intuitive layouts is not really problematic. The auditory experience is relatively repetitive, but the minimalist approach to sound effects gets the job done. The overall atmosphere is based on silence, which makes sense considering the emphasis on quiet maneuvering.

Ultimately, this title has witnessed widespread popularity, and it has already amassed millions of downloads. The game enjoys consistently high ratings from audiences all across the board. By ingeniously combining multiple genres, Redefinition Games has raised the bar for indie developers. Because this title is 100% free, anyone can enjoy it right away.


  • The simplicity of the puzzle format is complemented by exciting stealth mechanics
  • There is a new list and layout whenever you start a new game, so the experience stays fresh
  • An interactive setting provides tons of engagement
  • The game is completely free and easy to install


  • The vintage graphics fail to compete with modern developments in digital visuals
  • The musical score and sound effects are both sparse and repetitious
  • There is only one standard mode of game-play

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